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Presenting Bonus Keno Online, just another one of Net entertainment’s highly rewarding online games! Just to familiarize you with this game, what you need to know about Keno is that it is a very enjoyable game considered to be equivalent of an online lottery game.

Similar to the lottery system, the player bets on numbers that they have chosen on their ticket. Bonus Keno Online has managed to turned the lottery into an exciting high energy game providing world class entertainment owing to what NetEnt delivers best. Graphics and animation second to none, exciting sounds and animation provide energy and mark important events during game time.

The graphic scheme during number selection and draw provides you with an ultra-clear picture. This online game is a crowd pleaser and a pocket filler! Additionally, Bonus Keno Online goes as far as to offer the player a Bonus round with the opportunity to double your earnings!

How to play Bonus Keno Online

The filling of pockets will not come easier than on Bonus Keno Online, once you understand the objectives of this game and how to play. The objective of this classic 20 out of 80 keno game is to successfully pick 2 to 10 numbers gathered from 20 numbers drawn by the game.

Matching numbers, how much you have bet and the quality of your selection will determine how much the player wins. However, there is a minimum selection of numbers the player must achieve in order to win a prize.

Selecting numbers can be done manually or the player can opt for an Auto Pick. This button randomly picks 10 numbers and you can cancel this feature by pressing the Clear button which will blank the cards, allowing you to pick new ones!

Features of Bonus Keno Online

Bonus Keno Online has even more to offer the player with additional features such as the Keno Jokers and Bonus Rounds available in every round. The player must win five jokers to activate the bonus sign located at the top left of the game.

The game will go into the bonus round once a round has been completed. Displayed on the top right corner of the screen, Bonus Keno Online also offers a progressive jackpot with every Keno game played, only to restart when the current amount has been won.

To win the jackpot, the numbers that are revealed to the player must match the jackpot symbol and winnings will depend on your bet value. For example, 2 euros gives you 40% profit of the jackpot, 3 euros is equivalent to 60%, 4 euros = 80% and finally, 5 euros amounts to a full 100%.

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