Pirate’s Gold Slot

Play Pirate’s Gold Slot

Pirate’s Gold a 3 reel slot game is the perfect example of something different as it is a fusion between a video slot and a classic slot. NetEnt is known for delivering online gaming entertainment like no other in this industry. Games from this software are recognized for quality and uniqueness, and class leading graphics and animations.

Though belonging to the video slots category, this game ultimately is a classic slot! No other online game can claim this unique feature of being able to offer both the traditional design of the old slot machine combined with the modern elements of today, recognizable by the 9 reels, it is the best of both worlds. Additionally, players are offered a bonus game!

How to play Pirate’s Gold Slot

Pirate’s Gold Slot is a profitable game featuring a total of 9 reels which can be played with a maximum of 10 coins, totaling 90. There are numerous ways to make wins because of the many symbols combinations that a player can generate.

Additionally, there are two pirate themed bonus features to keep an eye out for. This is your chance to be a pirate as you will be the captain responsible for sinking Enemy Ships.

Enemy Ships is your first bonus game, your goal is to shoot an enemy ship and sink it with cannonball fire selected by pressing the skull button, which also has directional arrows for aiming at enemy ships. Sinking ships awards the player various treasures to choose from!

‘Help the parrot’ is the second bonus game. Your responsibility is to help the parrot open one of the five treasure chests with the use of 2 direction arrows (button).  Once you have selected a treasure chest, you can use the key icon to unlock your wins!

Features of Pirate’s Gold Slot

Pirate’s Gold Slot has a number of settings that include sound effects, fast play, auto play and game history. Next to the wrench is a speaker icon which is used to turn the sound on or off, and an Auto button just after the speaker icon.

This button allows you to play a number of rounds automatically, it is not necessary to use the spin button when the Auto Button has been activated. Lastly, the Game history allows you to view previous game results. All these features come together to allow the player a level of customization on Pirate’s Gold Slot!

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