Lucky 8 Line Slot

Play Lucky 8 Line Slot

Introducing Lucky 8 Line Slot from NetEnt. This classic 3 reel slot game captures the same high quality standards expected from such a prestigious software platform. Lucky 8 Line Slot takes you back to the likes of the old and well known slot machines that where once found in coffee bars of the distant past.

This game has fruit symbols, a unique BAR and 7 symbols on the reels, in charge of offering the player great returns!

How to play Lucky 8 Line Slot

Lucky 8 Line Slot uses a total of 9 reels that are placed in a square of 3x3 featuring Triple Bar symbols allowing players a chance to make up 500 times your original bet.

Additionally, 7 symbols multiply your profits up to 1000 times your bet. With so much profit to be made, there really isn’t a need for a bonus game! To compliment your new found knowledge of Lucky 8 Line Slot are some basic keys which perform the following functions:

  • Paytable – this key when pressed will display the payout values for matching symbol combinations.
  • Clear Bets – to reset the number of bet lines to zero, select this key pad.
  • Single Line – selecting this key pad adds more lines to the current bet and also functions to increase the amount of coins to be bet on each bet line after all lines have been selected.
  • Spin – this key pad selection spins the reels at the selected number of lines and coin value
  • Bet Max – players looking for a maximum bet of number of coins and bet line can achieve this in one move, it is as simple as selecting the Bet Max key pad

Features and symbols of Lucky 8 Line Slot

Features like the sound effects, fast play, and auto play (on/off) on Lucky 8 Line Slot give the game a level of adjustability which the online player should appreciate.

The wrench icon on the bottom left of the screen displays some of those adjustable features mentioned, though not all casinos may offer this option. On and off sound settings are operated next to the wrench by the speaker icon.

Following is an AUTO button which allows you to play a number of rounds automatically, taking away the need to press the spin key pad. The Stop button removes the automatic round function.

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