Gold Rush Slot

Play Gold Rush Slot

This time you are not required to venture into unknown lands as Gold Rush Slot brings the riches to you. Over the ages of time, men have travelled vast distances all in the name of riches.

Many have even died with such attempts as technology was not what it is today, sailors and all other kinds of explorers would travel to what was once the unknown world. Some would reach their blind destinations not knowing what to expect and maybe finding the riches their hearts desire, and others not so fortunate.

Today we have technology, and with such great technology comes Gold Rush Slot, a NetEnt game created for the explorer of fortunes. This a classic slot with one-win line and a progressive jackpot guaranteed to bring a smile on any online players face, partly due to the clear layout!

How to play Gold Rush Slot

Riches await every online player ready to take on Gold Rush Slot after they have understood the mechanics of this 3 reel slot game. Not to worry as this is a very simple game to learn with lots of rewards for keeps.

The player must choose 3 different betting levels with a win line. As for the progressive jackpot, it is forever growing as players’ place bets so does the jackpot increase, until it has been won. Getting to the progressive jackpot requires the player to be at level 3 and get 3 Gold Rush symbols.

Features of Gold Rush Slot

Gold Rush Slot offers the player some customization by allowing for possible game settings.

You may adjust certain settings by clicking 3 available icons at the button on the screen, though not all casinos may offer this option. Those three buttons include a sound effects option, fast play, autoplay on or off and game history.

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