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As we all know, it’s really exciting and so much fun to gamble, to spend hard earned money and make it even more. But more than often, normal and casual playing can turn into a huge gambling problem. 

With Responsible Gaming, the goal is to prevent underage gambling and those who have a serious problem with controlling their online gaming experience. Let’s explore Responsible Gaming and the top responsible casinos. 

What is Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming can be seen as a large view of different policies and requirements that all gambling stakeholders must apply. This means all stakeholders get respect for high-quality standards which offers all players a safe platform for online gaming that will protect the players from consequences that can affect them negatively because of online gaming. 

Because there are some users that will use the online gaming platform to earn money, but the truth is, it was designed to have fun and not to spend more than you can actually afford.  

All online gaming providers are solicited to comply with the fundamentals of responsible gaming. 

What is Problem Gaming? 

Problem gaming can be a serious problem to have and should not be underestimated. Problem gaming does occur and unfortunately, you will find online operators that allow for this to happen. This industry does provide for a lot of entertainment for so many players around the world, but for those who don’t know when to stop, this can be a serious problem to have. 

How can we identify a gambling problem? 

Luckily the signs for this problem can be spotted, although the signs can start very subtle. 

Some signs to look out for should you have someone in mind that might have a gaming problem; requesting more bonuses, free spins or any promotion that can be given to them, and this is already above what they receive on a normal offering, increased level of contact with customer services and using free money to make up for losses 

Do a Self-Assessment to Identify a Gaming Problem:

  • Borrowing money to gamble
  • Chasing losses with more gambling 
  • Constantly increasing your stakes for more excitement 
  • Constantly thinking of gambling 
  • Feeling empty when losing all your money 
  • Feeling guilty when gambling
  • Gambling to hide real issues
  • People close to you telling you, you gamble too much
  • Pretending to play less than you actually do
  • Spending all your money on gambling
  • Spending more than you planned 

How to Overcome a Gambling Problem 

All Online Casinos wish just the very best for all their players, to have fun and problem free gaming experiences.  And before a gambling problem can emerge, see below how to prevent or stop the problem before it’s too late:  

  • Accept Help 
  • Knowledge on EV
  • Learn to Talk 
  • Money Management 
  • Skill Knowledge 
  • Understanding the Signs 

Accept Help 

All online gambling sites have protection features in place, features like betting limits, cooling off periods and deposit limits. And these limitations are there for a reason, to be used by all online casino players, whether you have a gambling problem or not. 

Knowledge on EV 

No matter what your game choice is, whether its slot machines or poker, you need to understand EV (expected value), meaning what your expectation will be of the value returned on your wager. 

Knowing as much as you can about online gambling will truly give you an advance as to not get into the gambling habit addiction. 

Learn to Talk 

If you feel like you are at the start of a gambling problem, talk to someone as quickly as possible, before it becomes a full-on gambling problem. All online casinos have a responsible gambling page with contact should you feel the need to talk to someone. 

Money Management 

Before you start with any of your favourite online casino games, set yourself a budget and stick to it. If you decide tonight that you can only afford to pay €1,000, once you have used up your whole budget, sign off and call it a day. 

Skill Knowledge 

Another precaution players can take is to learn some gaming skills before you start playing with real money. With some skills to back you up, your focus will turn more to your skills and not so much on how much money you can win. 

Understanding the Signs

Once players understand the signs of a gambling problem, the knowledge of such addiction is important, to understand it before it becomes a problem for you, or anyone you might see the signs in. So, get more knowledge on gambling addiction problems so that your future gambling can be nothing but fun and successful. 

How a Gambling Problem Can Affect You  

It’s a fact that gambling problems do affect your personal life and the lives of your friends and loved ones around you. 

Some of the first signs you will notice is a change in your mood or someone you might have in mind with this problem. Not only does the mood change but with the mood changes comes the feelings of guilt as well. 

The next problem is finances, it’s as if money is just never enough, you can just imagine what stress it must be to finance all your living costs as well as your gambling addiction. This leads to borrowing money and even ends up stealing money to gamble further. 

Top Responsible Casinos 

  • 888 Casino 
    • Launched 1998 
    • Fantastic progressive jackpot slots 
    • A large number of live dealer games 
    • Withdrawal limit above average 
    • Bonus – 200% up to €300 
    • 24/7 Customer support via live chat 
    • Excellent reputation since the launch in 2008 
    • Mobile compatible with Android and iOS 
    • Popular in Germany 
    • Bonus – 100% up to €400 plus 180 extra free spins 
  • Mr. Green 
    • A Mysterious mascot dressing as the Mr. Green 
    • Launched in 2008 and excellent site according to online players 
    • Popular progressive jackpot slots 
    • Unlimited withdrawals option 
    • Bonus – 100% up to €100 plus 200 extra free spins 
  • Unibet Casino 
    • Among the largest online gambling sites since 1997 
    • A large variety of live dealer games 
    • Popular in Europe and Scandinavia 
    • Unlimited withdrawals option 
    • Bonus – 100% up to €100 

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