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The Cookie Policy at Wisegambler: Cookies are created the moment someone accesses the internet from any device whether it be online or mobile. they are small files placed on your device that helps cater the experience for people. Wisegambler makes use of cookies and this helps you navigate our site and we tailor the information to your unique needs. Sites that don’t use cookies or people that don’t allow cookies, might not get the best experience.

Cookies do not in any way collect personal information it just simply caters information to your historical clicks and choices. No one can access your information or identify you using cookies. There are different types of cookies that sites can use. The two main ones are persistent cookies and session cookies. Learn more about our Cookie Policy here!

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Persistent cookies remain on your device even after you have visited the website. this helps the site remember you the next time you visit. It also helps websites to see you as a unique visitor which will cater to your experience according to your previous visit.

A session cookie is only active while you are on the site. Once you have left the site the cookies are no longer active. The only “history” will be about the previous page you visited.

How does Wisegambler use cookies?

Wisegambler makes use of both persistent and session cookies. We also use it to protect all of our users from fraudulent activity. We use it to cater services for you and in no way does this allow us to access your personal information.

Wisegambler Analytics

At Wisegambler we also make use of different analytics services including but not limited to:

  • Google Analytics which analyses the users visiting our site. This shows us countries players come from, times you log on and a bit more information. Google Analytics makes use of first-party cookies in order to report on the interaction of our website.
  • SEMRush and Ahrefs – This analyses traffic in depth but does not offer any personal information which means you remain protected from third parties.

Managing Cookies and Our Cookie Policy

If you want to manage which cookies remain on your device, you need to go to your browser settings. This is different depending on the browser you use. Here you can maintain and delete cookies. It allows you to control the cookies on both your desktop and mobile devices.

Other types of cookies at Wisegambler

Other cookies you can expect to find at Wisegambler includes:

  • Email Cookies – In our emails we also use cookies. This helps us to know if you are interested in our services and products. If you have already set images to download automatically then cookies might automatically set on your device.
  • Beacon Cookies – This tells us if you opened the email, how long you spent on the email and which browser did you use to open the images or links.
  • Links – We add unique hyperlinks in our emails and site which carries unique tags. These tags help us track you as a player. It also helps us to cater to you!

Please ensure you have read our Cookie Policy in detail!

Cookies help us give you a great experience on By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to the use of cookies.