Danish Gaming Authority

Who is The Danish Gaming Authority?

Who is The Danish Gaming Authority you ask? The objective of creating a licence is to ensure players are protected against unfair and also illegal gambling activities. That’s the gist of a gambling license although the Danish gaming market has a more complex system. Some changes came in 2010 to 2011 in order to liberalize themselves.

Problems arise from the rules imposed on duties/legislation related to online gaming being lower than that found on land-based casinos and amusement arcades.  Such regulations are put in place by the new Danish gambling act.

These complications created the need for the establishment of The Danish Gaming Authority. This party is responsible for effective online gambling and also land based casino regulations by collaborating with the Danish Ministry of taxation and The Danish Consumer Ombudsman.

Overall, both parties play a specific and yet important role (which we will not enter into this discussion at this moment) that leads the assurance that legislations duties are mighty.

The Danish Gaming Authority licenses

There are certain requirements or rules in order to grant a Danish Gaming License. Also, there are certain requirements a candidate must require attaining a license from The Danish Gaming Authority. This is according to the new gaming act of 2012. You can get two types of licenses offered in Denmark for which you can apply for land-based and online casinos, which also expends to also include Greenland.

The difference between the licenses is that one of them is for companies that offer online sports betting or bookies – the betting license, where else the other only covers the following games;

  • Baccarat, Roulette and Black Jack
  • Punto Banco, Poker and Gambling on Gaming Machines

Online casino licenses are valid for 5 years, while land-based casinos benefit for 10 years. Applicants looking for an online casino license can also apply via the Danish Gambling Authority who will provide an application form of such purpose. All processes thereafter will be located on the form, should you need guidelines.

The Danish Gaming Authority protects players – Complaints

There are also certain steps a player in the process of a complaint must take. Also, these can best be explained on the Danish Gaming Authority website.

The Danish Gaming Authority also keeps a national register of voluntarily self-excluded players with the aim of protecting the player from re-joining an online casino. Overall, the objective is to prevent problem gamblers and also normal gamers from being exploited by online casinos.

In other cases, players are also awarded temporary exclusion and even permanent exclusion.

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