Curacao Gaming License

Who is Curacao e-Gaming

Curacao e-Gaming is a licensed provider serving the online gaming industry, as a result, they licence online casinos. Licences have also been issued by the Government of Curacao. It has the power to issue licenses to online casino’s that qualify for specific tests and also requirements.

Also, casinos that meet the specific requirements set by the licence provider, may conduct their Gaming events from within the territory of Curacao. In addition, this Island is populated amongst the igaming operators due to a combination of factors. It also includes political stability, top of the range telecommunications facilities and progressive legislative systems. Overall, they ensure the utmost security.

Casinos that hold a Curacao Gaming License

There are certain requirements or rules in order to grant a License. Each online casino also has to follow the rules of Curacao gaming.

Licensing with Curacao e-Gaming

This license also offers specialized licensing and compliance programs. This is due to every operator or software provider having specific needs that may differ. In addition, Curacao e-Gaming utilizes a ‘turnkey’ created to assist the providers in being an attractive and flexible environment to do business.

Overall, the process is straightforward and easy to do. In addition to the licencing process, there is also the player registration process which is also explained below.

Player registration process

As stated above, certain requirements must be achieved before an iGaming operator may receive a license. For instance, through an appraisal process, all applicants must go through a financial assessment.

It’s in order to verify whether the applicant is able to demonstrate positive financial standings. Such an evaluation is created to preserve the standards and also the international reputation of a licensed provider. Once an iGaming operator has been approved by Curacao e-Gaming, the process does not end there. In addition to this, the evaluation needs to continue.

Continuing evaluation takes place in order to ensure all parties comply with the terms of the license. Also, bodies receiving the license will forgo continuous inspections. In addition, operators interested must also send them an email.

Upon confirmation of applicant legitimacy, the applicant will be sent full details of the licensing requirements. Also, procedures, after that the application process may begin. In conclusion, clients are also expected to display a seal on their website as proof of validity.

Overall, the seal will be provided by the e-Gaming department and casinos can also operate there. In conclusion, for those interested in Curacao can learn all about it right here.

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