Belgian Gaming Commission

Who is The Belgian Gaming Commission?

The Belgian Gaming Commission has been responsible for setting regulations and monitoring the New Belgian Gaming act including the online gaming industry. The Belgian Gaming Commission has been active since 2011 which was the liberation of the gaming industry.

This commission also serves to advise the government and parliament regarding gambling. All online services to Belgian players must have a license by The Belgian Gaming Commission, an authority reserved strictly to this branch of command.

Belgium also has a reputation built from the infamously strict marker, one of the strict gaming laws currently regulating in this industry. In order for online gaming services to operate in Belgium, you must have either a land-based license (physical presence is a significant factor) or in partnership with a land-based company which has a license.

Casinos that hold a Belgian Gaming License

There are certain requirements or rules in order to grant a Belgian Gaming License. There are plenty of different online casinos that hold a Belgian Gaming Commission.

License guideline for applicant players

Firstly, the gambling act in Belgium prohibits candidates under the age of 21 years to play in an online casino. The identification number featured in an application form is therefore required of the player as mandatory to register with an online casino.

The gambling act has the full weight and backing of Belgian criminal law, therefore offenders that breach these laws may suffer heavy penalties decided by a prosecutor with escalations to as high as 25 000 Euros imposed by The Belgian Gaming Commission. Either way, the outcome is undesirable. The following parties cannot participate in gambling of any form;

  • Solicitors
  • Magistrates
  • Police Officers
  • Registrars

The description above also includes any other professional that relates to serving the law.

Types of licenses

There are various licenses that are considered when applying at the Belgian Gaming Commission:

  • A-A+; A is for land-based casinos while A+ is for online casinos, which can only be applied for by land-based casinos
  • B-B+; license is for gaming arcades in Belgium, B+ are for represented online versions
  • C; license for bars with bingo machines with the compulsory ID reader
  • D; a license for all personnel working in a gaming establishment
  • E; license for repairing, installation and manufacturers of gaming devices
  • F1-F2-F+; sports and horse racing, F2 for bookmakers and newspaper shops, F+ for online wagering
  • G1-G2; gambling serves via television and telephonic games

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