Canadian Casinos

Canadian Casinos Online, like the name states, are casinos that accept players from Canada, a nation known for their friendly, warm and polite demeanour.

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Are you looking for the best Canadian Casinos around? then you have come to the right place! Look no further, here at Wisegambler we offer the best online casinos in each country. We also offer you information about all things online gambling and sports related. We want to make sure that when you choose to put your money in an online casino of any kind, you make the right decision.

When looking at Canadian Online Casinos we rate them with a strict checklist to make sure you get the best from the online casinos. We have years of knowledge under our belts and are ready to impart some of our gambling wisdom to you! you need to feel comfortable at the online casino you choose so make sure to check our online casinos to ensure only the most secure and reputable casinos are an option!

canadian casinos

If you are looking for the best Canadian Casino, then take a look at the casinos we have on offer for you!

Reviewing Canadian Casinos Online

When reviewing Canadian Online Casinos, we look at a variety of factors and they include:

  • Bonuses and Promotions – We all want the best bonus from a casino. When looking at online casinos bonus we analyse what they give you from start to finish. It includes no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses and any other bonuses you get along your journey. Included in the bonuses and promotions section is also things such as a VIP and loyalty program.
  • Banking Options and Fast Payouts – Making sure the casino has you covered financially is important! Giving out your personal and banking information can be a bit unnerving but that’s why our online casinos only offer reputable banking services and the best security.
  • Safety and Security – Making sure you remain safe and sound is extremely important to us! That’s why the casinos on our site only offer the best safety. They make use of SSL encryption, so your information remains out of hands of third parties.
  • Game Selection – If you want the best game selection then any one of our casinos will be great for you. All of our online casinos offer a wide selection of games including online slots, table games and more!
  • Support – Although most online casinos offer 24/7, not all do. So, if you if you like a certain casino, you need to check what type of support they offer. If they don’t offer 24/7 support, you need to see if their support hours suit you. included in support is how you can contact the casino and what languages they support.
  • Mobile experience – You want a casino that offers a great mobile experience. Because when you are on the move you can play your favourite games from anywhere and at any time!

Canadian Casino Guide at Wisegambler

Because the online gambling industry is growing so quickly it can be hard to make a choice on the hundreds of online casinos out there. Even though now you have a wide variety of online casinos to choose from in Canada, they are not all great and you need to differentiate the good from the bad.

Wisegambler has done all the research so that you don’t have to. We run a variety of tests to check if the casino is the right place for you. we inspect the casino for all the above-mentioned factors and so much more.

Obviously, not everyone will choose the same online casino, we choose according to our preferences whether it be looks, games, promotions or a bit of everything. With us we give you a bit of everything, so you can make your decision according to our top Canadian casino lists!

Canadian Online Casinos Bonuses and Promotions

Each Canadian Casino offers a different type of bonus. They can range from no deposit bonuses all the way to VIP and loyalty programs. Other cool promotions can even include bonuses for a specific Canadian holiday! Don’t forget that most bonuses come with a wagering requirement so be sure to check these requirements before claiming your bonus.

Many online casinos also offer Canadian Dollars as an accepted payment method, this means that you can play at most online casinos with no problem if you reside in Canada.

Is online gambling big in Canada and is it legal?

Yes, and yes. Online gaming in Canada has definitely grown over the years. Canada offers some of the greatest online gaming and land-based as well. Canada is also filled with great sports betting sites thanks to their love of NHL, international hockey and CFL. It is also 100% legal to play at online casinos in Canada. There have even been some of the Canadian provinces that have their very own online casinos!

Can I play in CAD?

Yes of course! The only time you wouldn’t be able to, is if the online casinos don’t offer Canadian Dollars as an accepted payment currency. All of the top online casinos in Canada do of course accept CAD as a currency along with many others.

How to make deposits and withdrawals at Canadian Online Casinos

Each site offers a different way to withdraw and deposit your money. You can do this via an array of different payment methods. If you have won a large sum at the online casino, be sure to check what their daily withdrawal limit is. Many online casinos do have some sort of limits to withdraw and also require proof of identity and proof of residence. So be prepared to have these documents ready.

I think I have a gambling problem what can I do?

If you reside in Canada and have a gambling problem, you need to contact any one of the following associations:

  • ca – This is a way for residents in Canada to reach out if you think you might have a gambling problem.
  • Problem Gambling Helpline – Do you have a gambling problem and need someone to talk to? Contact the Problem Gambling Helpline at (519)439-0174 and they will give you all the help you might need!

Canadian Casinos Online

Canadian Casinos Online, like the name states, these are casinos that accept players from Canada. This is a nation known for their friendly, warm and also friendly demeanour. Successful Canadian Casinos Online emulate those qualities to thrive in the Canadian market.

Due to a few complicated and vague laws that no casino wants to get on the wrong side of, it is normal for Canadian Online Casinos to be strict with their market. Therefore a Canadian casino does not automatically originate in Canada but you can play at any online casino that accepts players from your region.

As mentioned, laws and regulations for online casinos are rather complex and vague in Canada. However complicated, there are online casinos that allow the player to play at their casino. So, as a player you have nothing to worry about, that’s if you are of the legal age of course.

The benefit of strong Canadian laws means casino’s accepting Canadian Casinos must be topnotch and have the relevant licenses to avoid upsetting the Canadian government. What this means for you is also if a casino accepts you, it can only be one of the safest and reliable in the gambling industry.

Trusted Canadian Casinos

As a Canadian player, your focus should be on just that, playing and having fun. Our services also work with the safest and most trustworthy online casinos Canada has to offer.

Therefore you can get on with playing and avoid the complications. We provide casinos that have a very strong reputation due to several years of experience. And they have been tried and tested when it comes to payment methods that most will be familiar with.

These casinos also employ the latest security systems on their websites to ensure your sensitive information such as identification and registration details, IP address, credit, and debit details stay protected. Such are basic requirements from casinos which are licensed by the popular MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and more.

New Canada Casinos Online

We are efficient at discovering new online casinos that meet the high standards of Canadian laws and regulations. The moment a casino begins to accept Canadian players, we have already added them to our system.

Whilst loyalty does pay with online casinos we can still pick you new online casinos that offer you general welcome bonuses and other fabulous types of rewards. These rewards include multiplying free spins when making your first deposit, as well as bonus boosts such as 100% bonus.

As a Canadian player, you can also look forward to playing at these respectable online casinos!

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