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Australian Online Casinos were seen as some of the best online casinos in the world. However, in 2017 things started to change for Australia, when they implemented the Revised Interactive Gambling Act which is the start of creating a more regulated experience for players.

In the past, Australian Online Casinos were a favourite for many players. They offered awesome casino games that you could enjoy anywhere you were. Over time online casinos moved with technology and brought the html5 casinos which no longer required you to download the casino onto your pc. As of 2017, it was projected that more than half of the online games in Australia were played on mobile.

Revised Interactive Gambling Act

Because online casinos and gaming became such a massive sector within Australia, the government of Australia decided to create the Interactive Gambling Act. This was created in order to stop and control online companies from offering casino services to any of the Australian public.

The IGA prior to 2017 never limited offshore companies from offering services to Australians. That’s why in September 2017 the government revised the act and shut their doors to all online casinos. Online casinos can no longer accept Australian customers.

The major gaming software companies including NetEnt and Microgaming took the decisions to completely withdraw from the Australian market as well. This meant that players in Australia could no longer play any of these online games for the moment.

The Future of Australian Online Casinos

While the future of Australian online gambling is a bit unclear, we know that in the long run the Revised Interactive Gambling Act was created to protect players much more. The revised act was created to have more control over online gaming and offshore casinos. We are hoping that in the future players will get access to online casinos that hold a licence with the Australian government.

We are not too sure what the future holds for Australia, but we do believe regulations are an important part of online gambling to protect players from being vulnerable and illegally targeted.

Australian Online Gambling and the Government

The government in Australia decided to take harsher action against illegal casino providers. They can now issue warnings penalties and injunctions against anyone who disobeys the new law put in place. The Australian Communications and Media Authority can also divulge information to other international regulators about the prohibited gaming facilities.

There are some exciting changes and most people don’t realise it. This act now allows Australia to be more competitive in the online gaming world because Australians can now offer real money poker sites. As soon as the final amendments are complete on the act, ACMA will create a trial period for online poker sites. They will then receive licences for online poker only to start. Other casino games will still be illegal.

What we Look for at the Best Australian Online Casinos

When looking at other online casinos we have a checklist to complete to ensure you get the best online casinos available. However, with Australia, these laws are different. Due to the law being passed in September 2017, all online casinos are prohibited from catering to the Australian market. Only casinos within Australia can legally offer their services, however, there is currently no Online casino in Australia that holds a licence for this.

For the time being this is the outcome in Australia, and as soon as we know more information, you will be the first to find out! What we can say that is for the time being you can find some online sports betting sites which are regulated and usable in Australia. This means you can enjoy making bets at top online sports betting sites in Australia.

Best Australian Online Sports Betting Sites

Because sports betting sites are still allowed in Australia, we have compiled a list of online betting sites that you can enjoy placing bets at. These include:

  • Unibet Sports
  • Bet365

Australian casino online

Assuming that an Australian online Casino is one based in Australia would only get you half a mark. This term also refers to casinos that accept players from Australia regardless of location. Therefore this article was put together on behalf of any online casino that accepts Australian players. Whether it’s slots or sports betting, Australian players love to play! And the industry recognizes this, therefore, making available a wide variety of online casinos specializing in an equally wide variety of entertainment.

Australian players accepting online casino

As promised, this article talks about Australian Casinos and casinos that accept Australian players. So, you can expect any Australian casino on this list as eligible to the Australian cause. Wisegambler offers reliable trustworthy, audited and licensed online casinos. For that reason, you can trust that the list you’ll receive from this article only includes the best and most responsible online casinos. We never send our readers into the wilderness! Every casino on our list has been researched and experienced by one of our staff members for your peace of mind.

If you happen to be Australian and are looking to try your luck and want to know what excellent casinos are available to you and worth spending your hard-earned cash on, then you have found the right place. You have officially taken the right stop by reading this article. Below is a short list of our top Australian Casinos

Australian Pokies

If you are not familiar with the word ‘pokies’, I’m afraid you are not Australian! You might as well walk away from this article right now. “Jokes aside”, the word pokies’ refers to a term most of us would recognise as video slots. Jackpot and online pokies are also growing in popularity as pokies have come to be recognized. They deserve as much attention; what player wouldn’t want to hit that big win, wherever you are in the world?

Casino Bonus Australia

Australian players have the benefit of almost certainly finding an online casino that does not hesitate to offer casino bonuses which for most Australians would be a dream. When joining these top Australian Online Casinos, you may receive exclusive casino bonuses. These often also include reload bonuses and no deposit free spins. New bonus combinations and awesome rewards are limitless for Australian players which are available as soon as you open an account.

Why choose an Australian online casino?

The Australian market is a huge part of the online casino industry, to be a success in this industry you must have something special to offer. It takes time and money to add a market like Australia to an online casino acceptance list. Consequently, only a couple of online casinos don’t even accept players from Australia. It is in your best interest if you are an Australian casino player that is, to check our list of the latest and best Australian online casinos to see where you should register to receive the best services, rewards and bonuses!

Is playing at an online casino legal in Australian?

No, online casinos are no longer legal in Australia due to the new Revised Interactive Gambling Act. All offshore companies are banned from offering their casino services to an Australian person. In time there will be regulations put in place and potentially a new market for online gaming in Australia. For the time being online gaming is completely illegal in Australia

What banking methods can I use?

Banking methods that you can use in Australia can only be applicable to sports betting. This is due to all Australian Online Casino services being banned. Most online sports betting sites offer an array of banking methods including all the big ewallet names, bank transfers and using your debit or credit card.

What bonuses can I get if I play in Australian?

The only bonuses you can receive is from sportsbooks. These bonuses are usually smaller incentives that can help you make your first few bets. A great example is at Unibet you can get a $30 risk-free bet, or at bet365 deposit an amount and get more in return. These bonuses are only applicable to sports and the bets made regarding sports.

I think I have a gambling problem what do I do?

If you think you have a gambling problem, there are various companies you can reach out to in Australia and they include:

  • – This site offers information for those who would like to better understand gambling problems and issues associated with gambling.
  • Problem Gambling Helpline – For anyone who has a gambling problem, you can contact them for free on their helpline to get some assistance. You can contact them on 1800 858 858.
  • – If you or your family have any issues regarding problem gaming you can make use of this site.
  • The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission – For all administration of the acts related to gambling and racing you can check the ACT commission.
  • Gambling and Lotteries – Information from the Australian government regarding gambling and lotteries in Australia.

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