Apps to control the gambling budget

We all know that when we want to play in the best casinos I must do it responsibly, setting limits. This is one of the most difficult aspects that a player can have, however today and thanks to technology we can get help in this area.

How much can we afford to spend, how often should we play or what is the right time to start the withdrawal. Each and every one of these questions are resolved through the use of any of the applications that we will show below.

All these applications that we show below can be downloaded for android and IOS mobile phones.

  • You need a budget

Finance is certainly a sensitive issue for everyone. Keeping track of bank accounts, credit cards or any type of expense is complicated and difficult to keep track of. At this point, you need to develop a budget. With this application we can enter transactions made in real-time, we can configure budgets and we can monitor our money over time.

  • Wally

This is one of the most famous applications in the finance sector. It is rated by Forbes as one of the 10 most important ventures.

Wally provides a complete overview of our money. We can link the apps to our accounts and we can see what we are spending and saving in real-time.

We can establish budgets for any category we want and progressively observe how we become more proactive with respect to our money.

  • Level Money

With this application, we can track any of our habits in real-time instead of pre-establishing budgets.

We can always check our cell phone at any time to know how much we can spend.

  • Mvelopes

This without a doubt is an application that works as a lifesaver. This application has helped erase millions in debt since its inception.

We'll be able to keep track of our spending for anything from gambling to cups of coffee without losing count of a single penny.




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