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Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most famous browsers on the market, especially for those who like to personalize their environment through extensions, as we know that they help us facilitate the way we navigate through the internet. In the case of online casino players and online gambling there are a set of extensions that can make our game much easier.

The Chrome browser is fast, easy to use, and user-friendly in general, as we know it is available for mobile devices and they have functions that are really very good.

Now when we talk about online casino and Chrome the relationship can be very good thanks to this group of extensions:

Panic Button:

Being completely honest we know that a more uncomfortable situation that we can go through when playing is the fact that people know that we find ourselves playing online betting. By this, I do not mean that there is something wrong with the game because if this were the case, this publication would not make any sense, but it often happens that your in-law

s come to the house or you have your children hanging around the house and you may not want they see you in your online gambling affairs.

For this type of situation, PanicButton was created, since it is a tool that gives us the possibility of hiding all the tabs with just a click. This way when you are alone

again you can select the button again which will take you right where you were.

Awesome ScreenShot:

It is very common that suddenly you are in the best gambling moment of your life and it has caused you to keep in an image the wonderful victory that you have reaped, however, you end up leaving it aside and in the end, you cannot even memorize the victory that you have generated. Therefore Awesome ScreeenShot casino it is for us since it will allow us to capture those victories through a single click.

Email this page:

For me this is undoubtedly one of the tools that I use the most since I have a group of friends who are fans of betting among all of us, we are always giving each other advice and recommendations about games on the market. With this publication we can send a link to the page in the results list of an instant email, which to be honest is an excellent option sit down and like to research casinos and you can find a set of very juicy promotions that you want to share or that share you.


Many of us who have been in this online gambling world for a while know the set of passwords that we can keep due to the number of accounts we manage in the different casinos, especially if we love welcome promotions and free spins For this, LastPass arrives since it allows us to create a unique password for each of the casinos in which we register and keep them stored on a single platform, so the only password to remember is that of LastPass.

Cool Clock:

If you like the game a lot but want to play in the most responsible way possible, this is the extension that you need and that allows us to establish time limits when playing. This application generates specific genre reminders at certain times that help us stop playing when necessary.


With this application we will be able to classify our favorite sites according to the moment in which we feel like visiting it. Personally, it is spectacular if we use it as a reminder of the bonuses that are generated weekly on a platform.